We offer a full range of service options to provide maximum return to our clients.

We do not take disputes from this website.
All disputes must be in writing and mailed through the United States Postal Service.


Contingent Collections

Each account that is placed with our agency is handled in a professional manner keeping in mind the importance of preserving your customer relations. We require continuous education for collectors which enables them to deal with debtors in a positive manner, collect maximum dollars and achieve maximum return for our clients.


Payment Arrangements

We will track all pre-arranged payments according to your guidelines. Then we make follow up telephone calls, along with sending letters in your name or in our name; the choice is yours.


Custom Services

Elite Financial Services, Inc. can custom design a program made specifically for every aspect of your company, whether your customers are businesses or individuals.

Specialized Receivables Management


Professional Debt Collection Services:

Proven system of collection efforts to resolve the seriously delinquent account. Fees contingent on results.


Accelerated Receivables Management:

Reduces delinquency by addressing problem accounts early in the cycle. Frees the client from repetitive billings, late notices, inquiries, adjustments and collection calls. Proactive strategy. Third party management of incoming telephone calls, mail and correspondence.


Check Service:

Prompt identification and collection of bad checks boosts cash flow and prevents future losses.


Credit Bureau Reporting:

For your benefit, we report to three national credit bureaus.


Litigation Services:

Coordination of all communication between client and attorney. Access to national attorney network. Lessons legal record-keeping burden and ensures maximum recovery. All litigation subject to client approval.


Payment Plan Services:

Designed to monitor accounts set up on scheduled payments. Telephone follow-up and customized letters ensure prompt action on defaults.